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Community Cats

Humane outreach and intervention.

In many of BC’s rural and remote communities, free-roaming cats are in distress and left on their own.

Many people assume cats are able to fend for themselves. But when they are abandoned, cats and kittens suffer greatly from lack of food and starvation, diseases, injuries, exposure to extreme weather, endless cycles of pregnancy, and eventually inhumane death.

Paws for Hope is addressing this massive problem through partnerships with communities and organizations that include animal transportation and transfers, trap/neuter/return programs, and veterinary care support.

Providing support, building capacity

Community Support

Paws for Hope works with local animal welfare advocates in smaller and remote communities across BC to address their community cat population. We provide funding for transportation and transfer so individuals and organizations can relocate pets from remote communities to larger urban settings with services and supports like veterinary care and foster programs.

We are currently partnering with Port McNeill Cat Rescue Society and residents in Sointula to address community cat overpopulation in the two communities. Through this partnership, we are able to provide funding support for spay, neuter and other necessary veterinary care for the cats and kittens who have been abandoned.

Caring for Cats

“Community Cats” is a term used to describe outdoor, unowned, free-roaming cats. These cats can be friendly, feral, adults, kittens, healthy, or sick. They may or may not be spayed or neutered. If you want to help the community cats in your area, find a local animal organization with a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program.

TNR is a procedure where an animal is caught in a live trap, taken to a vet for sedation and spay/neuter, and then released back to the location it came from. It is a humane strategy that addresses the problem of feral cats breeding and perpetuating a cycle of miserable, hungry, short lives.

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