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Off the streets and into homes.

In many of BC’s rural and remote communities, free-roaming dogs and cats are in distress on their own.

An estimated 2,000 free-roaming and feral dogs have litters each year in BC. These puppies are not spayed or neutered and since no basic veterinary care (like vaccinations) are provided, health issues run rampant through these communities.

Many people assume cats are able to fend for themselves. But when they are abandoned, cats and kittens suffer greatly from lack of food and starvation, diseases, injuries, exposure to extreme weather, endless cycles of pregnancy, and eventually inhumane death.

Paws for Hope is addressing this massive problem with a comprehensive approach that includes animal transportation and transfers, trap/neuter/return programs, and veterinary care support in smaller communities.

Providing support, building capacity

Transportation & Transfer

Through Nobody’s Pets, Paws for Hope works with local animal welfare advocates in smaller and remote communities across BC to address their community cat population. We provide funding for transportation and transfer so individuals and organizations can relocate pets from remote communities to larger urban settings with services and supports like veterinary care and foster programs.

Transportation and transfer funding is available through our Guardian Angel program. Applicants must be a member of the Animal Welfare Advisory Network of BC and a charitable organization.

Supporting Communities

Feral dogs live difficult lives filled with starvation, disease, and fighting. They often become a danger to children in communities when they become aggressive. There are literally hundreds of thousands of stray and feral cats in BC and, in communities with feral dog packs, cats are often prey for these dogs.

Nobody’s Pets also builds capacity in smaller communities, empowering advocates and organizations to address animal overpopulation problem and support their ongoing work to provide veterinary care and reduce suffering. Grant funding is available for trap/neuter/return initiatives, increasing access to veterinary care, and rehoming of community pets. Applicants must be a member of the Animal Welfare Advisory Network of BC and a charitable organization.

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