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animals like Sammy have access to vital veterinary care.

Paws for Hope is committed to helping BC’s most vulnerable pets. Your donation directly helps an animal in need.

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Thunderheart was rescued by one of our partners and a grant covered the cost of fixing his broken hip.

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No pet left behind

52% of domestic violence survivors are forced to leave their pets with their abusers.

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An estimated 1.9 million pets live in poverty.

BC’s animal rescue organizations lack funding, training, and standards of care.

They deserve better

Inadequate access to veterinary care is the number one animal welfare issue in BC.

49 percent of domestic abuse victims stay because of their pets.

We’re here to improve the lives of BC pets and their people.

By donating, you’re not just supporting Paws for Hope.
You’re supporting an animal in need.

Grants from major funders like the Vancouver Foundation help to cover our operation costs, ensuring that your donation goes directly toward helping vulnerable animals in need.

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Pets are Not Products Help Fight Animal Cruelty

Many people aren’t aware that animals bought in stores and online don’t come from reputable sources and are often bred in deplorable conditions. Help us prevent animal cruelty—spread the word about how to avoid inhumane animal breeding mills.

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