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No Pet Left Behind

Providing crisis care for BC pets.

No Pet Left Behind provides temporary safe care for pets of individuals who are in crisis, including escaping violence—creating safety for people and their pets.

Animal abuse is present in 89% of domestic violence cases. Many individuals will delay leaving an abuser for fear of their pet’s safety should they leave the pet behind, thus prolonging the abuse. Moreover, there are few places to go that allow pets, creating a gap in resources for these individuals. No Pet Left Behind intends to fill this important gap—ensuring pets are included in the social safety net for individuals fleeing violence.

We also recognize that there are other crises people experience that demand a temporary safe place for their pets to go while individuals get the help they need. Whether it is addiction, mental health treatment, or time to find pet friendly housing, we strive to make sure no pet is left behind.

Apply to Volunteer, Foster, or Adopt

No Pet Left Behind is a crisis care program created to provide safe care for pets of individuals who are escaping violence—creating safety for people and their pets. Foster homes are therefore an integral part of the program.

This program is different from others in that we require discretion from foster homes with respect to the animal(s) they may be caring for. The privacy of individuals is important for many reasons. Therefore, we ask that the animal(s) and their situation not be discussed publicly and that foster families do not post or share photos anywhere online. This policy is non-negotiable and must be discussed with all members of the household.

Paws for Hope will provide all necessities and cover veterinary expenses for all foster pets during their stay in your home. Please contact us before purchasing your own supplies.

We are in our pilot phase and will serve Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley and North and West Vancouver. We are currently recruiting foster families and volunteers. If you would like to become a foster parent or find out how else to become involved, complete the application form or contact Cassie, No Pet Left Behind Coordinator, at [email protected] or 604-506-9297.

Foster application
We are currently recruiting foster families and volunteers. If you want to help ensure that no pets are left behind, you can fill out our foster application form here. Foster families and volunteers are critical to ensuring pets and their people can find safety.

If you are unable to open your home to foster pets but want to be involved, you can make a donation here.

Become a Foster Home

About the Program

Our No Pet Left Behind helps to ensure people in crisis can have a safe place for their pet to stay while they get the support they need to get back on their feet. If you live in Metro Vancouver / Fraser Region and feel you can open your heart and your home we would love to hear from you!

Foster Homes Needed

Families who foster through our No Pet Left Behind program are very special. They care for the pets of people in crisis, knowing that they will not have the opportunity to adopt their foster animal, and will inevitably have to say goodbye. But in doing so, they are saving lives and keeping families together.

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