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Paws for Hope Animal Foundation Applauds West Jet’s New Transport Policy

Paws for Hope Animal Foundation (Paws for Hope) applauds Westjet’s move to regulate how dogs can be transported into the country. According to the new rules, any dog that isn’t a personal pet will have to travel in the cargo bay, not in the cabin. “This move, while it may create a cost burden to well-intentioned organizations who want to help animals in other countries, ensures that animals being transported into the country will get a proper inspection by the Canada Border Services Agency,” says Kathy Powelson, Executive Director.

“This move is most likely a response to the massive increase in organizations popping up across the country that import animals from countries as close as the US to as far as Asia.” In BC alone, there are over 170 community-based rescue groups. It is estimated that over half of those groups import dogs and cats from outside of Canada.

Over the past five years, Paws for Hope has been advocating for more regulation and transparency in animal rescue work done in BC. As part of this work, they initiated the Animal Welfare Advisory Network of BC (AWANBC) in order to create effective and sustainable practices that reduce animal neglect, abandonment, and cruelty.

One of AWANBC’s first projects is creating rescue standards of practice. “Without proper government oversight and support, the responsibility of creating standards and regulations has landed on the animal welfare sector and private business,” says Powelson. “It is far from ideal, but something has to be done to protect animals and the general public.” AWANBC’s Rescue Standards of Practice project is open for public consultation until February 15, 2020.

About Paws for Hope Animal Foundation

Paws for Hope’s mission is to shift the culture of companion animal welfare in British Columbia by creating new models of practice and remediating the underlying causes of harm through cross-sector collaboration, education, and advocacy.

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