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Animal welfare organization sounds alarm about urgent need for foster homes

Vancouver, BC – The Paws for Hope Animal Foundation (Paws for Hope) is sounding the alarm as the need for crisis short-term foster care for animals has become more urgent and dire than ever.

“So many people in our province are in crisis right now but don’t have a safe place for their pets to go while they get the help they need,” says Kathy Powelson, Executive Director. “So many people are struggling. Demand for our crisis foster care program is higher than it has ever been and we can’t keep up.”

Paws for Hope’s crisis foster care program—No Pet Left Behind—helps ensure people in crisis have a safe place for their pets to stay while they get the support they need to get back on their feet. As such, foster homes are an integral part of the program. “Women and children are fleeing violence, families are losing pet-friendly housing, and individuals are seeking vital treatment. People’s lives are at stake. And without enough foster homes for their animals, we unfortunately have to turn people away.”

Research has shown that many individuals will delay leaving an abuser for fear of their pet’s safety should they leave the pet behind, thus prolonging the abuse. And there are few places to go for people facing violence that allow pets. Paws for Hope is filling this important gap—ensuring pets are included in the social safety net for individuals fleeing violence and others experiencing crises.

“Our foster families are very special. They care for the pets of people in crisis, knowing that they will not have the opportunity to adopt their foster animal. But by being there for a pet and person in need, they are saving lives and keeping families together.”

Paws for Hope provides all necessities and covers veterinary expenses for all foster pets during their stay in a foster home. People and families interested in becoming a foster home or seeking further information can visit the Paws for Hope website or contact Cassie, the Program Coordinator at [email protected] or 604-509-9297.

About Paws for Hope Animal Foundation

Paws for Hope Animal Foundation is a provincial animal welfare charity whose mission is to keep pets and people together, ensure BC pets survive and thrive, and support positive change in the BC animal welfare sector.

For more information and to arrange interviews, please contact:
Kathy Powelson, Paws for Hope Executive Director
[email protected] or 604-396-9297

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