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Help fight animal cruelty in BC

Vancouver, BC – The Paws for Hope Animal Foundation (Paws for Hope) is promoting its long-standing Pets Are Not Products campaign to raise awareness about the inhumane practices of animal breeding mills and backyard breeders as demand for pets continues to soar during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many people aren’t aware that animals bought in stores and online don’t come from reputable sources and are often bred in deplorable conditions. Animals destined for stores and online sales often spend their lives in cramped wire cages, many never have their medical needs taken care of and are often killed when they are no longer able to breed. As a result, pets sold from these inhumane operations are often sick and have behavioural issues.

“Unsuspecting people may fall in love with the cute pet in the window but end up with heartache and years of expensive vet bills due to the neglect and malice of these breeders,” says Kathy Powelson, Paws for Hope Executive Director.

People should beware of any online ad site that sells pets, especially if they offer to ship a pet to you or refuse to share or provide the location where the animal lives. No matter how convincingly the seller may portray the way the dogs or cats are being cared for, the reality could be very different—dozens, sometimes hundreds, of pets warehoused for breeding and living in very poor conditions.

Visit to learn more about online sales and how you can help prevent animal cruelty.

“With the demand for pets rising as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, make sure you know what red flags to look for when searching for a new pet and how to identify a responsible rescue and a responsible breeder. If you are looking to add a pet to their family, Paws for Hope can help you do so in an ethical way that minimizes animal cruelty.”

About Paws for Hope Animal Foundation:

Paws for Hope envisions communities that embrace all pets as family, ensuring they are loved, free from harm, and where no pet is left behind. To that end, our mission is to shift the culture of companion animal welfare in British Columbia by creating new models of practice and remediating the underlying causes of harm through cross-sector collaboration, education, and advocacy. Learn more at:

For more information and to arrange interviews, please contact:

Kathy Powelson, Paws for Hope Executive Director
[email protected]

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