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BC Charity Seeks to Help Overburdened Animal Welfare System

Maple Ridge, B.C.: Paws for Hope Animal Foundation is trying to ease the overburdened animal welfare system by allowing pets to stay with their owners.

The charity, founded in 2011, is asking for donations towards its programs which help avoid animals being surrendered unnecessarily.

“We know that more animals suffer from a lack of access to veterinary care, than intentional acts of cruelty,” says Executive Director Kathy Powelson.

“We also know that many shelters and rescue organizations are overburdened. We believe that by keeping loved pets with their owners, we can avoid further suffering and help families stay together.”

Paws for Hope runs a range of programs to help low income pet owners. These include a veterinary care fund, free animal health clinics and the SpayAid BC program.

Powelson adds: “Low income families get the preventative and emergency veterinary care their pets may need so they can stay together. Our research shows that this not only supports the animal but the family unit as a whole.”

A recent example of the impact of Paws for Hope is Zelda, a cat who came to the charity with a badly fractured leg. Thanks to donations, and staff at Scottsdale Veterinary Hospital, Zelda was able to have a splint put on her leg and is now recovering with her guardian.

Powelson believes this preventative approach is the key to supporting animals, their guardians, and the broader animal welfare sector as a whole.

“Why force someone to surrender their pet unnecessarily?” she says. “If people can donate to our programs they won’t just be helping the animals in need, they will also be helping to ease the burden on hundreds of local shelters across the province.”

You can donate to Paws for Hope online at

For media enquiries contact:
Kathy Powelson
Executive Director
[email protected]

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