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The Power of Love

Tomorrow we say good bye to Sir Hamilton and there will be a big empty space in our home. Hamilton is the perfect example of the power of love. When he came to us as a palliative foster from Countryside Kennels last August, he was old and had a massive tumour on his side and the veterinarian did not expect he would live past October. We wanted to make his last couple of months’ full love and safety. And so, we all loved him with all our might. My husband and daughter, even our three dogs and cat seemed to understand that it was their duty to respect and protect him.

And the months passed. His tumour disappeared and he would spend most of his days on our heated kitchen floor.

Hamilton never pooped in the litter box and as the months passed, he stopped using the litter box all together. We would follow him around with pee pads, paper towels and disinfectant for we loved this old man. And he loved us. This I am sure of. He would come and sit by us on the couch and tap us on the shoulder for pets. And as each day passed that he was still with us, I believe it was a testimony for his gratitude for the love he received. Our bed, our daughter’s bed, the couch, the climbing post and the window sill. He spent periods of time in each room, ensuring that he didn’t miss out on anything.

And as the end draws near, and my heart feels with sorrow I hope he feels our gratitude. For there is nothing more rewarding than giving a homeless animal, not only a home, but a family. For giving an old cat a couch to rest his tired bones on. There is nothing more gratifying than sharing silent sleepy moments with a magnificent creature such as Hamilton, and there is nothing that can compare to knowing that his last moments were filled with the love of seven beating hearts.

Rest in peace Hamilton. Thank you for making your way into our home. I am very grateful for the time we had together. You will never be forgotten.

Kathy, Jules, Maya, Cinnibar, Skippy, Chili & Henry

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