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Skye – Available for Adoption

Skye is a high energy working dog breed. She was born deaf. She is very loving with her people, and she is great with kids, but should be supervised with them as she can be overly bouncy. She has a very strong prey drive and should be adopted into a home without cats.

Skye needs a lot of exercise and mental stimulation every single day. She has adapted well in her foster home where she receives daily exercise. Ideally, she would have an acreage and the ability to run outside in a safe environment. She loves to run, retrieve and play. By nature, Catahoulas prefer a small pack to being an only dog. Currently, she has one doggy friend she loves to play with and would likely be happiest with owners that have either a large male dog or a young submissive female as Skye is definitely an alpha female. Skye is extremely agile and fast and for the right person, may make a great tracking or agility dog as she is quite physically fearless. It is certain that Skye must continue with her training and exercise routine to remain the well-adjusted dog she is today.

Because Skye is deaf, she is trained with sign language, she is extremely smart. She continues to learn new signs and is now pretty obedient.

Skye suffers from anxiety including separation anxiety. Skye has benefited from taking a daily inexpensive anti-anxiety medication, and that along with her structured routine, exercise and mental stimulation, she is thriving and becoming more and more well-adjusted daily.

For the right person, she will melt your heart. Skye loves the heat but does poorly in the rain or cold without a jacket. She prefers to sleep near her people at night but also likes to sleep in her crate.

Apply to adopt Skye here.

Can’t adopt Skye, but want to help pets in need? No Problem! You can also donate here.

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