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Register Today: “Why Access to Pet Resources is a Social Justice Issue”

On Wednesday, March 24th, Paws for Hope Animal Foundation will be hosting a free presentation with animal welfare expert and advocate Aleah Simpson titled Why Access to Pet Resources is a Social Justice Issue.

As part of this presentation, Aleah will discuss:

  • How institutional bias and systemic inequity affect people and their pets.
  • The connection between animal welfare and social, racial, and economic justice.
  • Poverty Clinics: The role marketing, communications, and fundraising play in improving access to pet resources.

Aleah will also explore how and why pet keeping and caring for animals crosses boundaries of socioeconomics, race, ethnicity, and geography, while access to pet services and information does not.

When & Where

  • Wednesday, March 24th
  • 12:00–1:30 PM (PST)
  • Online: Zoom
  • Participation information will be emailed to everyone who registers prior to the event

photo of aleah simpson

About Aleah Simpson

Aleah Simpson is the Program Manager of Marketing & Communications for the Pets for Life Program within the Humane Society of the United States.

She is an avid cheerleader for the human-animal bond and socially conscious animal sheltering. Her 15 years of experience in animal welfare have given her an in-depth perspective of the underlying systemic issues in communities that can create challenges for both animals and humans alike. Throughout her career, she has worked with various animal welfare organizations to develop and advocate for programs that improve pet owners’ access to care and promoting DEI initiatives within animal welfare.

Aleah was the founding manager of the intake and surrender prevention efforts for Animal Care Centers of NYC, focusing on equitable support and targeting resource deserts for maximum impact. She created initiatives using a human-centred framework that encouraged employees and clients to maintain a sense of agency while improving access to vet care, behaviour training, supplies, and human-based services.


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