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Join the Paws for Hope Board of Directors

About Paws for Hope Animal Foundation

Paws for Hope Animal Foundation (Paws for Hope) strives to keep pets and people together, ensures BC pets survive and thrive, and supports positive change in the BC Animal Welfare Sector.  

Our commitment to keeping families together is demonstrated by our two primary programs, Better Together and No Pet Left Behind.

Better Together provides a One Health approach to supporting families through a veterinary health care system that ensures both people and their pets have the support they need to survive and thrive.

No Pet Left Behind provides temporary foster care for pets whose people are facing a life crisis such as fleeing domestic violence, seeking treatment or facing homelessness due to a lack of pet-friendly housing.

Our commitment to a strong sector is demonstrated by our Network Partner initiative, which leads the Rescue Standards Accreditation program.

About the Board of Directors

The Board supports the work of Paws for Hope and provides community leadership, fund development support and strategic governance. Board members play a critical role in helping to move Paws for Hope to our next level of development.

We are looking for individuals with specific experience in:

  • Business/Finance
  • Charity Law
  • Fund Development
  • Animal Welfare
  • Event Planning

Specific Board Member responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Leadership, Governance & Oversight

  • Serving as a trusted and devoted advisor to the Executive Director with the development and implementation of the Foundation’s strategic plan.
  • Attend bi-monthly Board meetings and review agenda and supporting materials prior to meetings.
  • Approving Paws for Hope’s annual budget, audit reports and making decisions on the Foundation’s governance and direction.
  • Assisting the ED and Board Chair in recruiting other Board Members and/or committed volunteers.
  • Serving on at least one committee and/or specific task forces.
  • Representing Paws for Hope to stakeholders and the community at large; acting as an ambassador for the organization.


Board Members are expected to make Paws for Hope a philanthropic priority and to make annual contributions to the Foundation. In addition to their volunteer services. Fund development and achieving financial sustainability is a high priority for the Foundation, and Board Members are expected to help contribute to achieving the financial growth of the organization.

Board Terms

Paws for Hope’s Board Members will serve a two-year term to be eligible for re-appointment with Board and membership approval. Board meetings are held virtually. Committee meetings take place through email correspondence or as required via teleconference if in-person meetings are not possible. Our Annual General Meeting is held in July and Board Members are expected to be in attendance.


Ideal candidates will have the following qualifications:

  • Professionalism and experience in fund development and financial growth in the non-profit sector.
  • A commitment to the understanding of animal welfare and the community members Paws for Hope serves through its programs and services.
  • An agreeable personality with the goal of building consensus and facilitating respectful discussion among diverse individuals.
  • A passion for improving the lives of animals and a belief in and understanding of the human-animal bond and how it pertains to those we serve.

Application Process

Please submit a resume including a detailed summary of your experiences and qualifications, along with a cover letter highlighting your interest in Paws for Hope and how your skillset will best serve Paws for Hope and those we strive to serve within our community.

Please submit all documentation to Paws for Hope’s Board President, Cynthia Boulter via email at [email protected].

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