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Help for Petey

Over the years we have been advocating for a more professional and transparent rescue system. Recently, we established the Animal Welfare Advisory Network to bring together animal welfare and rescue organizations to build a more professional sector.

We continue to speak out against practices that are doing more harm than good. Petey came from one of these “rescues”. Transported from Texas, and adopted directly to a family without any veterinary screening . Within days of being adopted, he showed signs of distress and a veterinary exam showed he had swallowed a corn on the cob and that it had been in there for some time. When Petey’s family reached out to the “rescue” they adopted him from, they received no help and were told to euthanize Petey.

Emergency surgery was required to save Petey’s life, and his family was left with a bill of over $5,000. His family had fallen in love with him immediately and they wanted to make sure he was given a second chance. Petey’s Dad was recently laid off because of COVID-19 and his human brother has medical needs that are covered by his Mom’s earnings. Receiving no help from the “rescue” who imported him from Texas, they created a Go Fund Me page and maxed out their credit card.

We also believe Petey deserves a second chance, and should not suffer because of bad rescue practice so we provided a $1,000 contribution towards the surgery.

Petey’s surgery went well and he is recovering at home with his very grateful family.

Unfortunately, there is not much we can do to stop bad “rescue” practice, other than to raise awareness and to encourage potential adopters to do their homework to ensure that they are adopting from a responsible and professional organization. In addition to working with an AWANBC member, you can also read this informative post from HugaBull Advocacy & Rescue Society on what to look for in a rescue organization.

We are committed to supporting a professional sector and the animals that come into their care. 100% of donations in April are going directly to emergent care of pets in need, like Petey.

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