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Empowering Pet Families: A recap of our April free veterinary clinic in Surrey

Last month, with your help, we brought needed veterinary care to more than a dozen animals and the people who love them in Surrey.

The April event was one of two free mobile clinics your donations allow us to operate every year in partnership with supportive housing organizations and community groups that work with people living on low incomes or facing other barriers. 

This time we saw 15 cats and dogs through a partnership with Options Community Services in Surrey.

During the clinic, a team of veterinarians and technicians had time to meet with guardians to discuss their pets’ health, offer a full examination and provide vaccines and other preventative care. 

These clinics also serve as the foundation for relationships with pet guardians to help provide ongoing care, including free follow-up treatment.

Thanks to those initial connections, we can help ensure animals who need it get spayed or neutered, have dental or orthopedic surgery, are diagnosed or treated for diabetes, or arrange for biopsies and the removal of lumps.

We know the powerful impact pets can have on vulnerable people, including those at risk of or experiencing homelessness: animal companions are sometimes someone’s only constant source of companionship. Veterinary care is expensive and all too often out of the reach of families that need it, particularly with the surging cost of living.

The Paws For Hope Animal Foundation is the only organization offering free clinics and follow-up care that can help keep pet families together.

April’s clinic was only possible because of the incredible donors who stepped up to help fund it. We’re incredibly grateful to the more than 60 people who have given over $10,000 already this year, allowing this event to happen.

These clinics can see up to 40 pets and cost between $10,000 and $15,000 to operate. We still need your help to reach our annual fundraising goal of $25,000 to ensure we can see all the pets and guardians who need us at our next clinic in Vancouver this fall and keep our commitment to providing necessary follow-up care. 

You can help us continue with this work by making a tax-deductible donation toward our next free mobile animal health clinic.

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