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Ensure a better future for pets in need.

Thank you for considering Paws for Hope Animal Foundation in your charitable legacy gift planning. We truly appreciate you for your generosity and strong belief in the work we do for pets in need.

Paws for Hope’s Legacy Program offers a variety of ways to include our organization in your legacy planning. Many of these options may also provide tax benefits to you and your family.

One of the most common misconceptions around estate planning is that it is something that only wealthy people do. However, no charitable gift is too small and taking action now allows you to make a contribution in the future while performing a meaningful act of charity in your lifetime.

Your gift will create a legacy that reflects your compassion and concern for the protection and welfare of BC’s pets.

Leave a legacy of care.


When you decide to leave assets to Paws for Hope Animal Foundation in your will, you are making a bequest. Your estate may qualify for a charitable estate tax credit and you will leave a lasting legacy that represents your belief in and support of our organization. Generally, you can bequeath a specific amount of money in your Will, the remainder of, or a percentage of the remainder of your estate after other obligations are met.

Making a Bequest is generally a simple process. Below is some sample language to include in your Will. You will need to include our legal name and Registered Charity number as provided below:

I give
Paws for Hope Animal Foundation
PO Box 20973
Maple Ridge RPO Square
Maple Ridge, BC V2X 1P7
Registered Charity: #84689 8088 RR0001

(the sum of____) OR (___% of the residue of my estate). I request that the funds be used where needed most.

Visit Canada Revenue Agency Estate Donations web page to review the most current rules on Estate Donations.

  • Making a Bequest to Paws for Hope Animal Foundation is not irrevocable. You can change the allocation as your circumstances change.
  • Assets included in a Bequest can also include property, such as real estate or vehicles.
  • If you are not sure how much to donate because you want to be certain that your family is taken care of financially, making a Bequest of a percentage of your estate may be a good option for you.
  • No Bequest is too small.

Securities/Mutual Funds

You can donate securities or mutual fund securities to Paws for Hope Animal Foundation and save on taxes with your charitable gift. Once Paws for Hope receives your transfer of assets, we will sell the securities and use the proceeds for our programs. Download a charitable donation form here.

In general, donors of securities are eligible for a tax deduction in the amount of the fair market value of the security on the date of transfer no matter what was paid for them and you pay no capital gains tax on securities that are donated. This tax-savings occurs only if you transfer the securities, not if you sell the securities and donate the cash. Be sure to consult with your tax advisor prior to initiating a gift of securities to discuss the specific tax implications of the transfer for you.

Receiving Institution: TD Waterhouse
Receiving Institution CUID or DTC: GIST
Account Name: Paws for Hope Animal Foundation
Registered Charity: #84689 8088 RR0001
Account #: 20J3JBA

If you wish to make a gift of securities, please contact us at 604-396-9297 or [email protected] to notify us of your plan. You will then need to instruct your financial advisor to transfer the desired assets to Paws for Hope Animal Foundation.

Life Insurance

Gifts of Life Insurance are an excellent way to turn affordable premium payments into a substantial gift to Paws for Hope. There may also be tax-saving benefits for you and your family.

While most individuals buy life insurance to ensure that loved ones are taken care of, more and more people are buying life insurance policies for their favourite charity or designating an existing policy (not otherwise needed for loved ones) to a charity that is important to them.

There are two ways you can use your life insurance policy to support Paws for Hope.

1. Donate an existing or new life insurance policy directly to Paws for Hope Animal Foundation. You will receive an official tax receipt for any cash value present at the time the donation is made on a paid-up policy. This provides an immediate tax benefit while you are living. After you make the initial donation of a new policy, you can make deductible cash gifts to the charity, which Paws for Hope can then use to make the premium payments, or you can pay the premiums directly to the insurance company. In either case you will get a tax receipt reflecting the premiums paid.

2. Name Paws for Hope Animal Foundation as a Beneficiary or Co-Beneficiary of a new or existing Life Insurance Policy. In this case, you would hold the policy and Paws for Hope Animal Foundation would receive the benefits upon your death. In general, your estate would receive a charitable deduction for the amount of the proceeds. The receipt issued qualifies for a tax credit that can offset the income tax liability on your estate.


If you wish to donate property outright, please contact us at 604.396.9297 or email [email protected].

Gift acceptance policy.

Paws for Hope Animal Foundation values the trust donors place in us to responsibly utilize donations for the overall improvement of the lives of companion animals in BC. It is important that our ethics remain consistent. The values and principles that guide the work we do also guide our Gift Acceptance Policy.

The information provided throughout this section is intended for general information. If you wish to discuss these or any other options please do not hesitate to contact us at 604.396.9297.

Paws for Hope Animal Foundation is a registered charity: #84689 8088 RR0001

Thank you for your generous support!

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